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Qualipieces Adventure Carbide

Qualipieces Adventure Carbide

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Snowmobile ski runners previously known as the COBRA and now named the ADVENTURE.  The ADVENTURE carbide runner is primarily defined by its exceptional ability to counter sway. For those familiar with Qualipieces runners, the ADVENTURE was previously known as the COBRA. What make this runner stand out is that it is extremely aggressive in turns as well as offers an unparalleled anti-sway system. This ability to counter swaying is explained by what is called the "cobra's head" which is found at the front of the runner. This innovative concept helps ‘flatten’ the trail ahead of the runner, thus countering 80% of the darting on snowy surfaces. It eliminates most of the sway of the sled, while retaining its sportiness for tighter turns.


The ADVENTURE runner provides better control in addition to increased grip on trails. It is a very balanced product that offers a perfect balance between cornering ability, anti-sway, and ease of handling.  All this performance and no effect on fuel consumption or speed. In addition, it considerably reduces premature wear of steering components.

As with all our Qualipieces runners, its metal is plated to resist corrosion and its carbide is of superior quality. The ADVENTURE carbide runner is of unequaled durability. Get this quality rail now at a highly competitive price!

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