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Qualipieces Trek Carbide

Qualipieces Trek Carbide

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The TREK ski runners are ideal for touring as it reduces arm fatigue and eliminates most of the sway, while maintaining good maneuverability in curves. This 6-inch long carbide runner is aggressive in turns due to its deep and narrow profile. The TREK is also designed to eliminate darting with its double rail set-up.

Due to its wider configuration and a full-length combined with a partial-length runner, the TREK allows snow to evacuate well and eliminates the infamous snow packing encountered in conditions with excessive snow or very sticky snow.

It is a very precise product in turns and provides a significant elimination of darting. The TREK rail is an amazing product that we are very proud to present to you!

As with all our Qualipieces runners, its metal is plated to resist corrosion and its carbide is of superior quality. The TREK carbide runner is of unequaled durability and performance. Get this quality rail now at a highly competitive price!

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