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19mm Bar Riser Kit - Black

19mm Bar Riser Kit - Black

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19mm Mini Bar Riser Kits increase bar height with the smaller diameter Mini Bar, giving your taller kiddo a more comfortable riding position and a better grip on the bars. This kit is compatible with 12eDRIVE, 16eDRIVE and 16eDRIVE ELITE bikes that are already equipped with the 19mm handlebar/throttle assembly (click here for help identifying your throttle assembly).

- Increases bar height by 2.4" on 12eDRIVE & 16eDRIVE, giving taller kiddos a more comfortable riding position
- 19mm Mini Bar provides 28% smaller grip diameter compared to the original STACYC grips and allows little rippers to fully grasp the handlebar with more comfort and control
- Handlebar dimensions : 584mm width, 105mm height, 24mm sweep, 22.5mm clamp diameter

- STACYC Branded 4" Tall Mini Bar
- Stem and head tube spacer
- Longer Brake Cable to accommodate height (12eDRIVE & 16eDRIVE only)
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