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AGV K1 S Track 46

AGV K1 S Track 46

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The AGV K1-S is the new entry-level full-face helmet from AGV and the successor to the AGV K1. This helmet is specially designed as a sport race helmet.

The K1-S is approved to the new strict ECE 22.06 certification, which is becoming mandatory for all new helmets. In addition, the helmet has a new spoiler, a Double-D closure and has a more oval fit.

The AGV K1-S will compete with the HJC i90, Shark Skwal 2, Nolan N60-6, HJC i70, Scorpion EXO-520 EVO, Scorpion EXO-491 and the Bell Qualifier DLX


The AGV K1-S is made of Thermoplastic, or polycarbonate. Polycarbonate helmets are not the lightest helmets but they offer your great protection when needed.

In addition, the K1-S is available in 6 sizes and 2 outer shell sizes. A helmet with more outer shell sizes is safer, besides looking better and being more compact.

A lighter helmet not only improves your riding experience but also prevents fatigue in the neck. And when we weighed the K1-S in a size M, the scale showed 1442 grams which is a good result.


The visor of the K1-S, compared to the K1, has changed. In fact, the K1-S now uses the visor from the K3 and K5. This is an upgrade over its predecessor and offers a wide field of view and the visor is anti-scratch treated. The visor is also Pinlock Lens prepared but unfortunately the lens is not included in the box. In addition, it is possible to set the visor to multiple positions while you are riding.

Now that we're done in the studio let’s move on to the Road Test!


The helmet's inner lining is removable, washable and antibacterial. In addition, the lining is seamless for just a little extra comfort. The nose protector and wind protector are also both removable if you wish to remove or add these.

AGV K1-S has the new ECE 22.06 certification, which is becoming mandatory for newly manufactured and designed helmets. In addition, K1-S has speaker pockets, to easily integrate a communication system. Also, the helmet is glasses friendly and it is easy to take your glasses on and off while wearing the helmet.

In terms of safety features, the helmet has a Double-D Closure and the helmet has an EPS inner shell with 4 densities that comes in 4 different sizes. The inner shell ensures that impact can be absorbed well.

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