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Sea-doo Airflow Aloha Life Jacket

Sea-doo Airflow Aloha Life Jacket

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Just right for those who prefer something more colorful and fresh than plain, the Airflow Aloha Edition vest is the perfect companion on the water! Functionality, comfort and attractiveness are what you are used to from the Airflow and are still very important for the Aloha Edition. The vest also has a special airflow system, a comfort zone in the lumbar region and mesh inserts for optimal comfort and functionality.

  • Outer skin made of particularly hard-wearing neoprene
  • Comfortable fit
  • YKK† front zip
  • GAIA memory foam insert - the softest and most comfortable foam on the market
  • Side inserts made of stretch lining fabric for more comfort
  • Large armholes for comfort while riding
  • Loop at neck to attach goggles to your vest
  • D ring for key tether
  • 100% Polyester, 100% GAIA Biofoam
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