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Shoei RF-1400 Fortress TC-6

Shoei RF-1400 Fortress TC-6

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They said perfection didn’t exist…until SHOEI delivered the RF series. Designed with the most exclusive technology and first-class excellence, SHOEI thoroughly brings the arsenal in the all-new RF-1400. This is the lid you’ve been waiting for. Graduating the RF-1200, SHOEI’s notoriety far suppresses that of their competitors and they yield nothing to interpretation. Precision meets innovation, generation after generation. The RF-1400 takes the throne to a whole new platform with unrivalled comfort and safety, superior noise reduction, and nobile features that are exactly what your head deserves. Now, go wear your crown and feel the difference.


Defining superiority, SHOEI introduces the RF-1400 as a featherweight with heavyweight accolades. With the highest quality materials that draw aircraft attention, SHOEI redefines what it means to be lightweight and aerodynamic. It’s lightest in the lineup and evolved from its RF-1200 predecessor, the RF-1400 focuses forward and brings 4% less drag and 6% less lift. The unique shape of SHOEI’s design provides the least resistance, amplifying airflow and propelling performance. And here’s a “spoiler” alert: this unique shell was formulated to deflect wind turbulence giving you a stealthier ride. SHOEI put this lid through rigorous wind tunnel tests to defy the odds and pursue perfection. The precision aerodynamics allows easy riding position changes without heavy wind jostling. There are redesigned cheek pads to limit noise, providing a plush, quieter fit. Slicing through the air with ease, you won’t have to worry about excessive wind discord. The decibels will remain low enough to hear you think, keeping your eyes up and your mind forward.

It gets better… This new geometry forfeits nasty windblare beyond just the leading edges of the helmet. Diversion against wind onslaught occurs in the shield as well with Vortex Generator technology. Rest assured that the re-engineered faceshield delivers an airtight window beading system sealing against wind penetration. The airtight seal is also waterproof, so head out and challenge the elements without failure, you won’t be disappointed. Post-ride, upon releasing the center locking mechanism, you’d think it was pressurized; yes, the seal is that stout.

The all-new shield design couples with an all-new CWR-F2 baseplate system, advancing from the RF-1200. Alongside reduced noise and distributed impact forces, this new shield provides a fierce look with optimum clarity and an undistorted view. Keep your sight laser focused through the 2D outside surface and 3D-injected molded technology, shielding your eyes from UV rays and any obstructed lateral visibility. Form and function combine for this perfectly engineered shield system. Riders wanted a more immediate, efficient response for shield swaps, so be careful what you wish for. Not only has SHOEI created the patented baseplate system to provide quicker visor changes, but they’ve also introduced a new “first position” opening feature to facilitate defogging and ventilation. So, look here, your shield game is on point.


Oh, keep going? Let’s run WITH the wind. SHOEI innovation brings “ventilation” to a whole new level. Advancing from the RF-1200, the RF-1400 brings a redesigned ventilation system that not only allows a quieter, more precise air flow but also optimal operating temperatures for any ride. These performance measures were put to the test in SHOEI factory wind tunnels to bring promising air conduction throughout the lid. Exhale and trust the process, “dome-sayin’”? The RF-1400 will keep you calm and comfortable with the 6 air inlets and 4 outlets that are strategically placed to allow maximum hot air extraction and minimal back pressure. Four intake ports trace the brim while two are seated along the facemask shy left and right of the 3-position lower vent shuttle. Complete the system with the enlarged exhaust port to allow you that optimized riding experience. The cool part? Vent control is accessible while your gloves are on, mid-ride. Thanks, SHOEI, high-five.

Now let’s bring it in. SHOEI’s brilliance isn’t limited to just the outside. This innovation is built-in from the inside, out, using premium materials and a proprietary blueprint. Just ask the RF-1200. Evolved and unrivalled in design, the RF-1400 comes with fully adjustable and replaceable internals that give you the freedom to find your fit. SHOEI didn’t slack on shape either. They’ve 3-dimensionally contoured the shape of the crown and cheek pads to fit the rider’s head better, formed for added comfort and noise reduction. There’s even an eyeglass channel for prescription wearers. Each piece is also removable and can be washed to keep your crown fresh. SHOEI uses exclusive Max-Dry materials that wick away sweat 2x faster than your typical nylon liners. They keep the drip in your style and not your forehead.


The SHOEI RF-1400 is engineered to perfection, setting the bar at impossible. When you don this crown, you feel perfection and what it means to feel untouchable. Knowing your safety and function are priority gives you unmatched confidence, whether cruising the open road or backing it in at your favourite race track. Meeting both M2020 SNELL and DOT standards, the RF-1400 uses exclusive SHOEI technology making it the lightest, most robust, and most flexible shell to date. SHOEI delivers with each helmet, weaving lightweight fibreglass and performance materials by hand, allowing optimal absorption through different densities in the event of an impact. There is also a multi-density, dual-layered EPS liner that houses different channels, providing airflow, weight reduction, and force displacement. This multi-ply matrix shell and EPS liner teams up with an Emergency Quick Release System (EQRS) keeping your head in the right hands, no matter what comes your way. Safety is paramount and SHOEI proves it.


The SHOEI legacy lives on in the RF-1400. Its graduated older sibling, the RF-1200, passes the torch with endless praise. Striving for excellence and they exceeded perfection. They took superiority and put it on a pedestal. Precision engineering, world-class, proprietary materials, and perfect execution bring this new RF-1400 to fruition. Safety and performance merge to bring unrivalled functionality in a highly sought design that is tested and proven to protect your dome. Front-runners for a reason, SHOEI goes all in, delivering on every front. Leading-edge technology gives them the upper hand allowing you to ride with added assurance. They protect with purpose, so go ride with purpose. You’ll notice how quiet your ride is, how smooth your saddle transitions are, and how the RF-1400 feels like it was meant for your head. Keeping your head in the clouds has a whole new meaning.


  • Snell M2020 and DOT Certified technology
  • Lightest Shoei model the lineup has to offer
  • Precision shell design and aerodynamics
  • Advanced noise reduction
  • Dual-density EPS liner
  • Superior ventilation system
  • 3D Max-Dry System II liner
  • E.Q.R.S. (Emergency Quick-Release System)
  • CWR-F2 Premier Shielding System
  • Includes Pinlock EVO pins and lens insert
  • Includes breath guard and chin curtain
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